Media Operations and Media Relations Maintenance
Xi‘an, China
Media Operations and Media Relations Maintenance Media Operations and Media Relations MaintenanceMÁS


1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in marketing, advertising media, etc. is preferred

2. Have more than five years of relevant work experience, including more than two years of work experience in the same position.

3. Have good writing and communication skills, active and keen thinking.

4. Excellent planning and creative ability, with the ability to create interesting and valuable marketing content.

5. Rich content operation experience, familiar with social marketing.

6. Strong coordination ability, organization ability, communication ability and data analysis ability.

7. Familiar with customer psychology, advertising and marketing.

Requisitos de trabajo:

1. Responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance, and effect evaluation of the company's official promotion channels, including the official website, WeChat public account, etc.

2. Promote brand culture and marketing content through internet, and conduct operation maintenance and effect evaluation of the channels.

3. According to the company's market strategy and industry characteristics, targeted development of media channels, and planning advertising plans.

4. Responsible for the advertising plan of the company's website, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, and improve the plan.

5. Responsible for SEO optimization of company website.

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Overseas Sales Engineer
Xi‘an, China
Overseas Sales Engineer Overseas Sales EngineerMÁS


1. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in using various office software and computer operation skills.

2. Bachelor’s degree or above, Russian, Spanish, English. engineering majors such as automation, electronic information engineering, computer are preferred.

3. With keen market insight and accurate customer analysis ability, can effectively develop customer resources.

4. Strong sense of time and service, flexible and skilled negotiation skills.

5. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and expression skills, strong sense of customer service.

6. Work rigorous, good at analyzing and thinking about problems.

7. With affinity, integrity and stability, good attitude and accurate self-positioning.

8. Love the foreign trade industry and have a certain ability to resist pressure

Requisitos de trabajo:

1. According to the company's strategy and sales plan, formulate sales strategies, explore international markets, and maintain the resources of old customers.

2.Responsible for international industry exhibitions, such as pre-matching exhibitions, customer communication and negotiations, and later customer visits.

3. Organize and summarize common problems of customers.

4. Receive visiting customers and handle marketing business.

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Mechanical Engineers
Xi‘an, China
Mechanical Engineers Mechanical EngineersMÁS


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in mechanical design and manufacturing and related automation / mechanical electronics.

2. Skilled in using Proe 3D drawing software and familiar with various processing technologies.

3. With independent product design and research and development capabilities, can complete the design and development tasks of high-precision components.

4. Have certain experience in product structure design and be able to complete the product structure design independently.

5. with rigorous and meticulous work attitude, strong learning and understanding ability, good cooperation and communication skills.

Requisitos de trabajo:

1. Responsible for the development, design, production tracking and assembly of the company's products and components.

2. Responsible for the structural design and appearance design of the company's products.

3. Draw product assembly drawings and component drawings.

4. Technical research and innovation of products to help solve key technical problems of products.

5. Formulate relevant technical documents of the product, organize and archive the technical documents of the product, and can write patent documents on machinery and equipment.

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Software Engineer
Xi‘an, China
Software Engineer Software EngineerMÁS


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in electrical automation, computer, automatic control and other related majors.

2. Familiar with computer communication data acquisition of integrated equipment.

3. Has strong thinking ability of integrated automation platform architecture.

4. Familiar with industrial automation communication protocols such as MODBUS, Profibus, OPC, DDE.

5. Able to work independently, document writing ability, coordination and communication ability and team collaboration ability.

6. Certain experience in implementation and debugging of the Internet of Things is preferred.

Requisitos de trabajo:

1. Familiar with product structure, principle and characteristics.

2. Familiar with the structure, principle and application characteristics of programmable controllers.

3. Familiar with computer common language and flexible application.

4. Responsible for the automation communication protocol analysis, communication debugging, and overall planning and construction of the data acquisition platform. responsible for the software design of the automation system in the project and can connect various devices through the network or window communication, read and write device data.

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Electronic Engineer / Hardware Engineer
Xi‘an, China
Electronic Engineer / Hardware Engineer Electronic Engineer / Hardware EngineerMÁS


1. Microelectronics, automation, electronic information engineering, communication and related majors, bachelor’s degree or above.

2. Proficient in analog and digital circuits, capable of independent electronic circuit design and development, familiar with single-chip computer system design, skilled in electrical design software, and familiar with common instruments for electronic circuit measurement and analysis.

3. Be good at English, strong learning ability and willing to study.

4. Have good communication skills and high work efficiency.

Requisitos de trabajo:

1. Responsible for the design, implementation and verification of the company's product hardware circuits.

2. Responsible for the issuance of electronic materials, and review of electronic materials.

3. Completion of work-related documents according to project requirements, preparation of project documents, and recording of quality test results, including: processes, drawings, wiring diagrams, BOM tables, etc.

4. Participate in the discussion of new product solutions and propose proposals.

5. Assist to solve product function problems found in trial production and mass production and participate in customer complaint analysis.

6. Control the cost of the electronic part and analyze the rationality of the PCBA quote.

7. Responsible for the verification, confirmation and data distribution of electronic materials.

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